BIRTHFIT is physical movement. BIRTHFIT is mental movement. BIRTHFIT is spiritual movement. BIRTHFIT is a revolutionary movement that is empowering women around the world and changing the course of the future. Please allow me to elaborate:

BIRTHFIT is physical movement. Functional movement surrounding the entire gestational process is critical.  Muscle tissue is arguably the largest endocrine organ–meaning it sends and receives chemical signals throughout the body regulating everything from blood sugar, to growth, to sleep, to energy storage and usage. Strength training drives the production of these myokines and increases metabolic efficiency. This efficiency makes a HUGE difference when your body is running through the birth gauntlet of shifting hormones: ovulation, pregnancy, labor, delivery, post-partum, and breastfeeding. This is the most significant metabolic test of the human species and this test can be aced through strength training. Hormones aside, the practical applications of functional movement in everyday life are undeniable.  You are more fit to squat and wipe throw up off the floor, to deadlift a crying baby into your arms, and to push press a toddler like a rocket ship. When you need to do all these things and more, you can.

BIRTHFIT is mental movement.  Mindset can drive biological processes in the body just as biological processes in the body can drive mindset. A BIRTHFIT mindset is highly adaptive. It’s not immune to the laws of nature (like a flight or fight response) but it recognizes when the current state is counterproductive and adjusts.  A BIRTHFIT mindset is a growth mindset that views stress and fear as a data point, not as an identity or a trap. It’s an opportunity to say, “that’s interesting” and “here’s how I plan to move forward.”

BIRTHFIT is spiritual movement. For both mothers and fathers, childbirth is a deeply spiritual event. It’s as if this child’s entrance into the world altered the laws of the universe—changing YOU in the process. Spiritual movement in BIRTHFIT moves towards oneness, towards love. If you left your birth experience less than ecstatic, BIRTHFIT is here to help. Only love exists. We can find the positive intention in the darkest of corners.

BIRTHFIT is a revolutionary movement that is empowering women and changing the course of the future. BIRTHFIT is building a new type of woman—a woman who possesses not just physical strength, but strength of mind, heart, and character. This woman does not view her body as an object to be mastered, but a vessel to be nourished. She fosters community and builds up the women around her. This woman is modeling multi-faceted strength and self-love to our daughters. This woman is modeling respect and collaboration to our sons. This woman is the change our next generation will inherit. This woman is BIRTHFIT.

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